MKB Asia Pvt. Ltd.

Our Roots

We are fourth generation tea farmers growing tea in close to 2,000 acres of land spread over two tea gardens, both using biodynamic farming methodology, and producing an annual yield of around 1 million kilograms of made-tea.

Our family's farming roots goes back to the 1880s when our ancestors started farming teas alongside the first generation of British tea planters.

Assam Tea

The first of the British tea planters came to Assam in mid-1800s, and denuded the vast tropical rainforests of the Brahmaputra valley to set in place the modern concepts of industrial agriculture and commercially cultivate the indigenous tea plant, Camellia assamica.

Their sole purpose at that time was to devise an alternative supply chain to the Chinese tea plant, Camellia sinensis, so that British Empire could grow authentic tea within its own boundary instead of having to purchase it from the Chinese merchants.

Our Founders

MKB (Asia) Pvt. Ltd. was incorporated in 1978 by our founders, Mr. M.K. Bhattacharjee (MKB), and his wife Reeta Bhattacharjee in the town of Tinsukia, in Upper Assam. MKB is a mechanical engineer by training, and he has a great obsession with everything to do with tea.

MKB's heritage in tea farming goes back to his great-grand father, who at the turn of the last century (1880s), were amongst a handful of ethnic Assamese who started commercial tea farming alongside the British tea planters.

Our Tribulations

Assam is a tough place to make a living as tea farmers in the 21st Century.

Over the last two decades, MKB has been arrested as a rebel leader (fully exonerated), targeted multiple times for killing by rebels, and had to stand witness to 20 years of their life's work being burnt to ground in Rani Tea Estate by arsonists in 2010; while the police and emergency services of the state stood-by, refusing to intervene due to political pressure.

Reeta Bhattacharjee lives with excruciating physical pain everyday from the wound of being shot with automatic weapons by rebels in a murder attempt in 1998.

The back side view of the Satrupa Tea Factory (2012). On the left corner are the smoke stacks for the coal fired dryers and on the right side are the trough tables where green leaves are first weathered.
A section of the tea nursery at Satrupa (2012). At the foreground are tea plants being conditioned to survive without shelter and at the background are the covered sections for new seedlings.
Mridul Kumar Bhattacharjee (MKB) and Reeta Bhattacharjee, the founders of Satrupa Tea Estate
and MKB (Asia) Pvt. Ltd.
A scene from Satrupa. At the foreground is part of the banana plantation. The water flow is through the low lying "garha" section after torrential rain. On background are shade trees over tea plants.